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M1339 Calacatta Burgundy 

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Material: Silica Free Synthetic Argilla

Color Story:

Calacatta Viola is unique and elegant with burgundy thick flowing veining, delicate grey upon a classic white background. This gorgeous, purple-veined marble is charming and striking.  

Color Description:

Calacatta Burgundy captures the meandering beauty of natural rock layers with its large-scale Calacatta Viola marble design. The creamy white background is a canvas for the rich cabernet flowing veining that adorn the surface. Occasionally, accents of orange clusters add a delightful touch. Inspired by the graceful movement of natural rock layers, Calacatta Burgundy resembles the cream overflowing from a red wine glass. Experience the captivating allure of Calacatta Burgundy as it brings the beauty of nature to life. 


Bathrooms, Kitchen, Walls, Floors, Outdoors (Plus) 

Slab Sizes:

3000*1400mm, 3200*1600mm


15mm, 20mm,30mm 


EP, FBN,Ogee, Dove,Profiles available