M1199 Calacatta

M1199 Calacatta

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Material: Zero Crystalline Silica Porcelain-based Material

Color Story:

Inspired by the natural Calacatta marble 

Color Description:

Calacatta showcases a soft white background adorned with small and medium meshes of foggy grey, creating an elegant and tranquil ambiance. The true allure lies in the large-scale active network of thin veins that converge and gracefully spread across the slab. Ranging from light grey to warm brown and dark grey, these veins unveil the delicate beauty reminiscent of Calacatta marble. Experience the timeless elegance of Calacatta, where soft white tones and intricate veins merge to create a captivating masterpiece. 

Color Code:

M1199 Calacatta

M1199 Calacatta


Bathrooms, Kitchen, Walls, Floors, Outdoors (Plus) 

Slab Sizes:

3000*1400mm, 3200*1600mm


15mm, 20mm,30mm 


EP, FBN,Ogee, Dove,Profiles available