Overview of GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold Certifications for Ultracerasurfaces

Ultracerasurfaces with GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold certifications excel in eco-friendly innovation, ensuring products with low chemical emissions for healthier indoor environments. Our commitment to sustainability and health is at the core of these prestigious recognitions.


Ultracerasurfaces GreenGuard Gold Certification underscores our highest health and environmental care standard, especially in sensitive spaces. It highlights our excellence in producing low-emission, safe surfaces for diverse applications.


Ultracerasurfaces with GreenGuard Certification, UltraCeraSurfaces.com guarantees healthier indoor air through products with minimized chemical emissions. This marks our dedication to sustainable, quality surfaces for everyday living.

NSF International

NSF International officially recognizes Ultracerasurfaces as complying with NSF/ANSI 51 standards for food equipment materials. This certification affirms that products listed in the NSF Official Listing meet rigorous health and safety requirements and are authorized to carry the esteemed NSF mark. With this certification, Ultracerasurfaces demonstrates adherence to the highest product safety and public health standards.”

Verified Excellence: Our Performance Test Results

We are committed to transparency and excellence. Dive into our comprehensive performance test results, where we detail our materials’ superior quality and resilience. Our products are rigorously tested against stringent ASTM and EN standards to ensure unmatched durability, density, and strength. From abrasion resistance to thermal shock resilience, we assure you that our surfaces are crafted to last. Explore the evidence that sets our standards above the rest.