Revolutionizing Architectural Surfaces

We are driven by a singular mission – to meet the global demand for sustainable and safe architectural surface materials. As industry pioneers, we have introduced Ultracera, the world’s leading porcelain-based powder, redefining the architectural design landscape. Upholding our dedication to Global ESG requirements, we ensure that our innovative practices match our commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and governance excellence.

Committed to Sustainability and Quality

We are proud to be the world’s first and unique crystalline-silica-free porcelain-based powder material quartz technology company, dedicated to sustainability and uncompromising quality, with mature manufacturing experience since 2018.

Our products, infused with UV-proof cutting-edge technology, exemplify a harmony of innovation and environmental consciousness. Our steadfast commitment to environmentally responsible practices is marked by prestigious GreenGuard and NSF certifications, ensuring our products meet safety and environmental responsibility standards.

By choosing Ultracera, you opt for an innovative, state-of-the-art solution that provides utmost comfort to end-users and champions a more sustainable and greener planet.

UV Proof Cutting-Edge Technology

Ultracera Surfaces

Established to meet the global demand

of the new architectural hard surface materials.


Years Mature Product time


Zero Crystalline Silica Colors


Cut-to-size Completed Project

A Palette of Possibilities: Colors and Series

Experience the chromatic magic brought to life by pigments and oil ink infiltration technology. Choose from over 50 captivating colours across five series – P for plain (particulate), V for Vein, M for popular marble market hues, G for Grain, and CG for Ceramic-alloys golden colours. Our R&D team continues to push boundaries, developing mesmerising stereoscopic vision veins, captivating curved shapes, and even thinner thicknesses.

Engineering Excellence: Crafting Ultracera

Ultracera is born from the crucible of innovation. Our experts utilize a high-temperature process coupled with precise low procedures to create this industrial marvel. The result is an architectural surface that defies conventions and elevates design possibilities.

Crafted to Inspire

Ultracera is more than just a material; it is a revolution in architectural surfaces. Our innovative product is crafted from crystalline-silica-free porcelain-based powder under a US invention patent, ensuring unmatched technical characteristics.

We take pride in offering a truly superior porcelain-based powder engineered stone that guarantees both exceptional performance and absolute safety for workers.